Kiana Krystle is currently seeking BIPOC writers to share their stories during the duration of her fellowship at BookEnds Literary. With a passion for uplifting marginalized creators, we invite you to pitch a classic fairytale retelling inspired by you and your culture. The goal is to see who you are on the page and cultivate an anthology of short stories by culturally diverse writers.

Submissions will open on April 1st and go until May 1st. Please send your fairytale pitch, a brief bio, and a 3-5 page sample of your story to bipocfairytales@gmail.com. After evaluating your concept, we will contact you for the full sample of your story if we wish to move forward. We aim to find out of the box, unique fairytales that showcase who you are and highlight your whimsical storytelling. All stories must fall within the Young Adult category and be no longer than 20 pages. If you have any questions, you can contact Kiana at kianakrystlewrites@gmail.com or @kiana_krystle on Twitter. Feel free to share snippets or aesthetics of your story using the hashtag: #BIPOCfairytales



●  Classic fairytale retellings with a cultural twist inspired by (but not limited to):

○  Disney princess narratives

○  Grimms Brothers

○  Hans Christian Anderson

○  Classic ballet/opera

●  Cozy stories with a whimsical charm, similar to the feel of a Studio Ghibli movie

●  Light-hearted stories with a happy ending

●  Stories that weave in elements of your culture’s mythology or religion (would love to see different gods and goddesses)

●  Stories with fantastical creatures like fairies, mermaids, or witches

●  Stories that include an emphasis of your culture’s food, traditions, and celebrations

● #OWNVOICES: LGBTQ+, disabled, and neurodiverse narratives are strongly welcomed if they fit within the anthology’s fairytale theme

●  Dark, gothic-romantic fairytales that are balanced out with whimsical elements

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Credit to: @safaswritings